Learn to Bike Ride Lessons

We offer learn to two wheel bike ride lessons for children and young adults, with or without disabilities. 

Betsy is the director of the Maine iCan Bike Camp, in collaboration with the iCan Shine, Inc organization. Through her many hours of volunteering and research, she has learned valuable skills to help children learn the fun and fundamental skill of riding a two wheel bike. 

What? Lessons include one hour of one to one instruction for both you and your child. Prior to the visit we will have a free consultative phone call to help me learn more about your child and prepare you for the visit. In some situations it may be best for your child to attend the iCan Bike camp first, depending on their learning needs and prior exposure to bike riding. 

Where? Lessons will take place at a community location which offers a safe and convenient area to practice riding within a 30 minute drive of Portland, ME.

When? Lessons are offered April through October, weather dependent. 

Equipment needed? Your child will need a properly fitted bike and helmet. Occasionally certain types of bikes or add on equipment is recommended. We can discuss further during the consultative phone call.  

Pricing? Individual lessons are $100. Six session package $500.

Contact us today to learn more and schedule a lesson.