Frequently Asked Questions

What is pediatric physical therapy and what makes our practice unique?

Pediatric physical therapy focuses on addressing your child's mobility needs in order to maximize their health, wellness, and participation in their life roles. Sessions are often play-based and include the family as much as possible. Our role is to collaborate closely with the family and any related health and/or educational providers in order to create holistic care plans.

As a home and community based practice, we are able to work with your child in an environment that is comfortable and familiar to them, and likely convenient for the parents. Our sessions are dedicated time to work with your child, answer questions, and provide you with the tools to support your child's progress. Our care plans are individualized to meet you and your child's needs, and may look different than a more traditional physical therapy session. 

Examples of care plan options:

  • One time evaluation with report and home program recommendations
  • Once weekly sessions for short duration to address a more acute condition
  • Quarterly to monthly sessions spaced out over the year to monitor progress and home program
  • Annual evaluation visit to address any long term needs related to your child's health condition and development

Do I need a doctor's referral?

No, as Maine is a direct access state. However, we welcome the opportunity to share care plans with your child's primary care provider and believe this is best practice. Additionally, you will receive a copy of your child's evaluation and can share this document with anyone you choose.

What insurance companies do you bill directly?

We directly bill Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna and Mainecare. For all other insurances we accept cash pay and will create a superbill after each visit which can be submitted to your private insurance carrier.

What is a superbill and how do I submit to my insurance?

A superbill includes a list of information your health insurance will require to have any medical services reimbursed. This can be provided by request. We recommend you contact your insurance company before your first visit to inquire about reimbursement for out of network physical therapy services. Additionally, your insurance provider can outline the steps to submit your claim, and the processing time for reimbursement. Most often this includes completing a form online and submitting the superbill along with the form. 

What is your policy on preventing the spread of COVID-19?

Our providers have been vaccinated and boosted against the COVID-19 virus. We perform self screening prior to each session. To prevent the spread of any infectious disease we disinfect equipment after use and practice good hand hygiene. 

What is your cancellation policy?

We request cancellations with 24 hours notice or a $25 fee will be charged. However, we do understand that unforeseen circumstances and illness do occur and will waive this fee once per client.